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August 8th, 2022

Moving from one method to the next.

As I move from one method to the next...it sends me in directions where discoveries
are made that are transfered from print making to painting.

Works can sit on my easel and cook while other art forms capture my interest.
Transferring discoveries to and from the multiple creative acts.

A few years back designing newspaper advertisements, we would use stock art.
There was a style that sparked and interest. It took me down the path of old school print making.
Relief print in the form of linocut.

It sparked a few of the graphic elements that are found in art making.
Line, color, pattern, shape.
So far with this method I have produced landscape prints to repeat patterns that ended up on
fabric which adds to the exploration of color.



As each new print is carved the skill of developing the cuts, the pattern, laying down the ink develops.

For a few years now I have been exploring plant life.
A big piece of the world that gives us food, air, medicine, scent, beauty and so much more.
We could not exist without them.

My latest exploration has been the tomato vines from the garden.
The spring season was out of the norm cold.
We thought they would not make it.
When the summer warmth finally arrived, they flourished.
Plants are amazing!

I knew I wanted to do an old school Lino...so I could play with color.
First step, start sketching to see what would develop.  
Drawing from photo reference taken from the garden was just not giving me what I needed,
so out I went to sketch from life...oh my the mosquitos.
Back in the studio I would assess move things around and see what more was needed.
Rhythm in the line. Pleasing well balanced, shapes and pattern. Calm in the chaotic mess of vines.
There will be more exploration with this print.
This version was not in my minds eye.
These kind of ideas just happens fun!





July 16, 2022


Paint, inks, paper, canvas and more.
Products have personalities just like an artists mark.
When is comes to paint use the best you can afford.
Note the differences in the products you use.

A great way to make discoveries.

Here are some links to some of my favorite.










July 12, 2022





On the easel.

When I see an image that sparks and interest I will start a painting.
As I dive into the works...they inch forward. They take on their own life.
They will hit a stop when I need to figure something out.
Often a change in art forms will spark and idea on how to push them forward.

Stops...could be a color...a need to simplify...or a need to add more.
They are never the same.
Diving into printmaking forces simplification.
Smalls are everything from color to composition.

Breaks are good. Fresh eyes develop on the return.




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